CodeDay Spring 2014

Fisher Adelakin


CodeDay Spring 2014

CodeDay Chicago was amazing!

I'm still trying to process what happened this past weekend. It all happened so quickly. For those of you that don't know about CodeDay, CodeDay is an event/time period where middle school, high school and college students have 24 hours to build whatever they want. Students don’t usually have time to build the things they want and CodeDay is a solution to that problem.

P.S. I'm immensely sleep deprived (at the time of this writing) so excuse me, if it's convoluted.


CodeDay was held in 26 different cities this past weekend but I had the amazing opportunity of organizing CodeDay Chicago and CodeDay Detroit. I attended the Chicago event so I can't really speak for the Detroit or any other CodeDay event but I don't doubt it was an amazing experience for everyone involved. I had the chance of bringing 12 students from my school and they all absolutely loved it. CodeDay isn't about...