Rocket Fuel Labs is now Big Astronaut

Mike Pollack

Rocket Fuel Labs has officially left the building, in a good way.

When we started our company, we chose a brand that would be both inspirational and exciting to our team and clients. Although it would seem (in hindsight) that a number of other people had similar ideas.

To avoid confusion and allow us to focus on the opportunities ahead, we have re-branded. We’re growing the team (more news on that shortly), continuing to build great products for fantastic clients, and most importantly we’re still focused on crafting awesome software applications.

We're proud to introduce:


So say hello to us on FacebookTwitterEmail, or stop by one of our offices (Austin, Chicago, Denver).

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves:

Big Astronaut was founded in early 2013; we started as an outsourced product development team for clients that were looking to create or radically rethink their existing web applications.

Our earliest clients were...