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How We Work

Astros come from all over the world and a diverse set of backgrounds. What unites us all is a passion for designing, crafting, and implementing elegant and innovative solutions for complex problems. Another way of saying it, is we only build products we are proud of. Collaboration is a critical component of our success, we build software in teams, because it improves the quality of the final product and provides an opportunity to continue to hone and improve our craft effortlessly as part of the process.

Our Development Process

To create anything truly great starts with selecting and collecting high quality inputs. For us, that means we are selective about the clients we choose because we view our clients as long-term partners. We put a tremendous emphasis on fully understanding the business requirements and a achieving broad comprehension of the business challenge before writing any code. Once the problem is defined, designing and crafting the solution is a cross-functional effort among development, UX design, product and client teams.

An Emphasis on Pairing

Pair programming isn’t just a nice to have – it’s a requirement for excellence! Our developers pair to keep productivity high and quality higher. Most office environments are riddled with dividers and headphones. At Big Astronaut, the development floor is bustling with the sounds of communication. Pair programming is also a tool for knowledge exchange and cross-pollination of ideas as well as a mechanism for ensuring code quality and sharing best practices.

Agility At Its Best

Geckos and cheetahs aren’t the only agile creatures out there. Astros, Orbiters, and Commanders at Big Astronaut have equally impressive agility with regards to digesting client requirements, quickly mocking up some paper and whiteboard prototypes, iteratively delivering valuable solutions while continuously receiving feedback from the client, QA, designers, product, and other developers.

The attributes we look for in the people willing to make the leap to
Big Astronaut.

You are known for candor and directness, you are genuine and resolute in your commitment to do what is right.

You lead by example, you do what is best for you and your team, you make wise decisions and help colleagues.

You focus on process rather than results, when the process doesn’t deliver anticipated results you work to debug and improve it.

You re-frame issues to identify practical solutions to complex problems, you encourage those around you to question their assumptions and preconceived notions.

You set aggressive goals for yourself and your team and consistently deliver results that exceed those targets.

You seek the best solution for the problem at hand, rather than what is expedient or convenient, you continuously re-evaluate your plan when presented with new data.

You actively seek the benefits that come from working closely with a team to challenge yourself and those working with you to work at the highest level.

You are excited by things you don’t understand and are committed to growing your experience and knowledge.

Your dedication to your craft inspires others, and serves to motivate your team’s efforts in relentless pursuit of its goals.

You are thoughtful in communication knowing that staying on the same page with your teammates outweighs time savings from avoiding communication.


Title Location Posted
Jr. Engineer Remote 11-17-2014
Practice Lead Remote 03-24-2014
Senior Engineer Remote 03-24-2014
Software Apprentice Remote 03-05-2015