Senior Engineer

Position Title: Senior Engineer 
Status: Exempt, Salaried
Reporting Relationship: Reports to VP of Engineering

Senior Engineers are highly experienced professionals capable of leading large teams as a technical expert, agile project management expert, or both. Senior Engineers lead teams that consistently deliver on their commitments. They provide leadership on process, practice, and culture for their teams. Senior Engineers are acknowledged leaders on the subject of Big Astronaut core values both internally and in public. 

Position Responsibilities
  • Lead client engagements (Client Lead Role)
  • Lead large project teams
  • Provide both broad and deep technical leadership
  • Assist clients with business value decisions and technical tradeoffs
  • Design and develop software applications
  • Design and implement database and other architectural system elements
  • Solve difficult technical problems
  • Produce deliverable documents and work products
  • Apply and develop new agile project management practices
  • Apply and develop new agile software development practices
  • Learn, implement, and instruct others on new technologies
  • Collaborate with the Practice Lead and sales on closing opportunities
  • Conduct technical screening and pairing interviews with candidates
  • Mentor junior software developers
  • Other duties as assigned

  • 5+ years of experience developing software
  • 4+ years experience working on agile software development teams

Technical Skills
  • Instructor level proficiency in Agile practices
  • Instructor level proficiency with various developer tools
  • Instructor level knowledge of:
  • Ruby on Rails / MVC design
  • SOLID Design Principles / GoF Design Patterns
  • HTTP Protocol
  • Data Design Principles
  • SQL and DBMS
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Ruby or other OO Languages (Java, C#, etc)
  • Preferred Instructor level technical proficiency in:
  • Javascript
  • Standards Compliant HTML/CSS
  • Continuous Integration Implementation
  • Deploy Processes and Tools

Other Skills
  • Proficient in client engagement management skills
  • Expert level proficiency in Agile Project Management Practices such as writing user stories, estimation, calculating velocity, defining acceptance criteria, and release planning
  • Effectively communicates technical concepts to other technical staff members
  • Effectively communicates with non-technical members of the organization
  • Effectively communicates with clients
  • Organizes, plans, and facilitates meetings
  • Demonstrates high quality written communication
  • Demonstrates aptitude for learning new technologies
  • Demonstrates leadership on the subject of Big Astronaut's core values