Our First Class Services

Big Astronaut has little interest in being just another vendor, we look to craft deep partnerships with our clients and play an active role in growing their business.


Sometimes the best ideas start as a sketch on a napkin, but it's often the detailed customer and product development processes that help achieve success before ever writing a single line of software code.


When dealing with e-commerce, even though there can be tremendous complexity behind the scenes; inventory, logistics, mobile, PCI compliance (and more), if the experience isn't simple for your customers they'll go somewhere else.

Online Marketing

Our deep knowledge of internet marketing delivers results for our clients' websites. Our proven online marketing strategies and expert SEO services, have yielded a track record of turning websites into businesses most powerful lead generator.

Product Architecture

The importance of good software architecture can not be understated, it's a process that begins at the earliest stages of product formulation and considers future infrastructure, potential requirements, and understanding potential roadblocks.

UI/UX Expertise

Design is more than simply how a product looks, it's how a product works. Our design team has created a broad range of experiences for websites, mobile, and retail, we recognize that each challenge requires its own unique solution.

Website Deployment

From determining the best framework to supporting the best scaling strategy, launching a website is not merely a point in time but rather a continuous process, there's ongoing tweaks to optimize pages and whittling away of those that aren't performing.

We understand that beyond a great idea and excellent product development, entrepreneurs need much more to launch real companies.